Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bought new kettam

February full with activities, even sometimes its bored but, it still bored. ahaha.Full of wedding jobs. Full of time with gf and friends. Last is full with family. Don't care anything, coz i'm free doing what i want. But mac come,and i started busy with monash uni become sucks sekejap coz always run to get a time. Time time, now merungut tentang masa.

note: bought new car,named 'kettam'. it small but i dont have to stop and wait for the rain to stop. In sunway i started ride the bicycle because i hate the traffic jammed, i don't want stuck too long, and my work place not far from the office. i take 15minutes to arrived. A bit shy there but as long i don't faced with the jammed, satisfied habes!

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