Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

Sheryl Hoover (Toni Collette) is an overworked mother of two children, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her brother, Frank (Steve Carell), is a homosexual scholar of French author Marcel Proust, temporarily living at home with the family after having attempted suicide. Sheryl's husband Richard (Greg Kinnear) has a Type A personality, and is striving to build a career as a motivational speaker and life coach. Dwayne (Paul Dano), Sheryl's son from a previous marriage, is a Nietzsche-reading troubled teenager who has taken a vow of silence until he can accomplish his dream of becoming a test pilot. Richard's foulmouthed father Edwin (Alan Arkin), recently evicted from a retirement home for snorting heroin, lives with the family; he is close to his seven-year-old granddaughter Olive (Abigail Breslin).

Olive learns she has qualified for the "Little Miss Sunshine" beauty contest that is being held in Redondo Beach, California in two days. Her parents and Edwin, who has been coaching her, want to support her, and Frank and Dwayne cannot be left alone, so the whole family goes. Because they have little money, they go on an 800-mile (1,287-km) road trip in their yellow Volkswagen T2 Microbus.

Family tensions play out on the highway and at stops along the way, amidst the aging VW van's mechanical problems. When the van breaks down early on, they learn that they must push the van until it is moving at about 20 mph (32 km/h) before it is put into gear, at which point they have to run up to the side door and jump in. Throughout the road trip, the family suffers numerous setbacks. Richard loses an important contract that would have jump-started his motivational technique business. Frank encounters the ex-boyfriend who, in leaving him for an academic rival, had prompted his suicide attempt. Edwin dies from a heroin overdose, resulting in the family smuggling the body out of a hospital because an administrator will not allow them to store the body in the hospital while they continue on to the pageant. A policeman stops the car due to a damaged and continuously honking horn and nearly discovers Edwin's body in the back of the van. Dwayne discovers that he is color blind which means he cannot become a pilot, a realization that prompts him to break his silence. Throughout the ordeal, Sheryl attempts to keep everyone, including herself, calm and sane

The climax takes place at the beauty pageant. After a frantic race against the clock the family arrives at the hotel, and are curtly told by a jobsworth pageant organizer that they are a couple of minutes past the registration deadline and therefore Olive cannot enter the competition. Fortunately, a sympathetic hired hand intervenes and offers to register Olive. At the hotel the family observes Olive's competition: slim, hypersexualized pre-teen girls with teased hair and capped teeth. They wear lip gloss, adult-like swimsuits, and glamorous evening wear to perform highly elaborate dance routines with great panache. It quickly becomes apparent that Olive (plain, chubby, wearing large eyeglasses, and untrained in beauty pageant conventions) is a mere amateur by comparison.

As Olive's turn to perform in the talent portion of the pageant draws near, Richard and Dwayne recognize that Olive is certain to be humiliated and, wanting to spare her feelings, run to the dressing room to talk her out of performing. Sheryl, however, insists that they "let Olive be Olive", and Olive goes on stage. Olive's hitherto-unrevealed dance that her Grandpa Edwin had choreographed for her is performed to Rick James' song "Super Freak". Olive scandalizes and horrifies most of the audience and pageant judges with a burlesque performance that she joyfully performs while oblivious to their reactions. The pageant organizers are enraged and demand Sheryl and Richard remove Olive from the stage. Instead of removing her, one by one the members of the Hoover family join Olive on stage, dancing alongside her to show their support.

The family is next seen outside the hotel's security office where a police officer gives them their freedom in return for a promise never to enter a beauty pageant in the state of California again. Piling into the van with the horn still honking, they happily smash through the barrier of the hotel's toll booth and head back to their home in Albuquerque.

signal kereta api tanah melayu
lokasi: port dickson,negeri sembilan.
note: jalan kereta api tinggal ( barang )
note: teringat pix2 keje ayah aku,gua musang,tapah road,
gemas dan tg.malim
note: waktu ini aku sendirian,di port dickson. cuba melarikan diri sebentar
semata-mata mencari rasa tenang untuk mengenangkan nik ahmad iskandar.

18.7.09: awan senja

note: time petang ni aku x bermain tenis, juz temankan gee.
hahaha..lokasi kawasan tembak dinding.

view: rumah nik tajudin

lokasi: bandar bukit puchong
kediaman: nik ahmad tajuddin
note: aku berehat disini selepas mengalami kemalangan
landskap 90% complete & now kemas2 supaya cantik mata memandang

picture: the sunset
location: view from hamam house (a frenx from lebanon)
taken: before i've got accident (on may 2009)
note: waktu ini aku membuka mata supaya tidak menjadi bodoh, hahaha
setan juga kalah mengahasut aku,
dan aku menjadi berani mencari persekitaran baru
motivate diri sendiri: 2009 need a change!

face of blur: myself

the pix: nik ahmad faiz b nik ahmad iskandar
note: waktu aku edit pix nih aku perasan muke aku seolah2
iras dgn john winston lennon ( oh tidak! )ahahaa...
syok sendiri yang melampau sangat.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

satu ciuman untuk amy!

this one for amy!
amy seorang budak comey!
picture: nik ahmad faiz b. nik ahmad iskandar
lokasi: lorong gelap tapi terang,
taman bernam baru..
turut serta: mohd jurish b. amiruddin

Saturday, July 11, 2009

anggur hadapan rumah,2009

anggur yang ditanam, kini berbuah cantik...
tp kekurangan tetap ada,
seperti biasa kita akan rindukan seseorang yg kita sayangii..
anggur ini masam rasanya,
tapi moody gembira menjadikan manis semuanya..
papa ku semoga tenang disana..


Rumah: No.10 Jalan Bernam 12,Tmn Bernam Baru
Picture: Sign Board Keretapi Tanjong Malim, hadapan pejabat pos.
Lokasi: Stesen Keretapi Lama (tempat pejabat papa)
Tarikh: 10 July 2009 (terserempak dengan kecik)
Person: Nick & Jurish
Feel: Rindu tahun 90an!aku masih budak kecil yg degil

Transport: the star

  • Picture: the star
  • Location, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
  • Credits: Nik Ahmad Faiz B. Nik Ahmad Iskandar

Times Square,Bukit Bintang & Pavillion

Tarikh: 8 July 2009
Lokasi: Times Square,Bukit Bintang,Sg.Wang & Pavillion
Note: Dapatkan seluar slack tuk kelas & menonton ice age 3
Person: Zira, Aiefa, Izzah, Gee & Nick

Sunday, July 5, 2009

cerita baju sama: colourama20008

person: nik ahmad fahmi b. nik ahmad iskandar
t-shirt: colourama2008 (venue:galaxy ampang)
note: aku bagi baju tu kat adik aku, masa untuk buang terus apa yang perlu.
now: seronoknye!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

urbanscapes 2009

note: aku & wan ketinggalan turut serta urbanscapes tahun nih!!! geram sangat. kenapa waktu macam ni kegawatan ekonomi melanda. tahun ni, urbanscapes meriah. (rugi terlepas peluang). Sheert bangkit boleh didapati secara on9 yg limited. (berminat??)

wajah terkini: nik ahmad faiz b. nik ahmad iskandar

face: pimple sudah membiak dgn lancar
kulit: faktor warna yang berubah kepada hitam (kuda belang sekejap)
misai: x menarik (dicukur)
janggut: dinanti-nantikan sangat bercambah dgn baik (otw jdik bam margera)
kaki: putih lagi
bulu kaki: percambahan sudah tamat (lihatla hutan tropika ku)
bibir mulut: semakin seksi (mungkin sedikit perasan)
mata: putih kuning tp hitam tetap ayu (kuat smoke)
rambut: pendek hilang rock sikit (tersalah gunting)

hafiz: john o' connor

Picture: Mohd Hafiz
Location: Teluk Kemang (Rumah Anyss)
Note: bergembira,dia akan melanjutkan pelajaran di SABAH, sebagai pilot!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

dina: budak kecil

lokasi: tasek proton city
tarikh: 30 Jun 2009
orang: dina (anak cikgu azila)