Wednesday, March 23, 2011


strange image but it is beautiful. This is what i get during having fun with my mate ebin,kucak,bob and haris. it was an old picture but i juz found it.ahaha. small mountain with the shine of sun. a little bit sorrow comes suddenly when the sun disappear. haha. yeah the time running fast when we havin a laugh. alone at night is boring.too boring. ok boring again.

i met gee this nite, he done his engineering module. what a style machine he juz makes ahaha. Green Ultimate Pitching by his group revolution team. they doing a great job and i've juz finish editing video of develop making the machine. then we talk about cigarettes. this lately i think my friends changed some of them be a smoker. absolutely i like. i can ask them cigarettes one. kah3. funny right but i think stupid.btw i'm smoker too.

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