Monday, January 10, 2011

no jam, sexy body and ajl.

Friday after finish working time, i direct going back to tg.malim, there's no jam?
ahahaha. ok i think i was early that time and what a nice day without traffic jam.

Saturday, home sweet home, safely arrived. My mind got notice "today u will get new sexy body" oh it will become nice nice day. So i clear all thing at home and direct deal with client for pre-wedding shot. Everythings clear, and i met zaini take the body, yes i got sherina body. At night i met kucak and always talk bout camera and always will be camera story. (earsbored).

Sunday, i've got invited from mus, for his brother wedding receptions. Simple and nice. The Bridge look beatiful and confident.hahaha. Ok don't be notty. Next making a pre wed shot with Aminur Hafizzie and Nurul Huda (gee sis) at kkb also. yeah we had fun at kkb on sunday.

Sunday nite, body got weak and fever.pfft. it become more hot because of ana rafali won the anugerah juara lagu (AJL). I think the juries got some problem(myb).haha.going back to sunway and make the new idea change the ordinary life.

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