Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Griffin & Sabine

note: aku beli buku ni bulan lepas, tapi baru minggu lepas habis baca. Ruang masa yg sempit tuk orang yg bz ini. Buku ni aku dapat kat Fathul, haha dia pun suggest buku ni sebab idea dan postcard art yg menarik. Ok dramatik juga, part sabine meenyampaikan isi hati dia.(pic by nf)

Abstract of the story from the books :

Griffin Moss is an artist living in London who makes postcards for a living. He is unhappy and lonely, though he is unaware of these feelings. His life is changed forever when he receives a cryptic postcard from Sabine Strohem, a woman he has never met. Like Griffin, she is an artist (she illustrates postage stamps) and comes from a fictional group of small islands in the South Pacific known as the Sicmon Islands (Arbah, Katie, Katin, Ta Fin, Quepol and Typ).The two begin to correspond regularly.

Griffin comes to realize that he is in love with Sabine, who reciprocates his feelings, and that they are soulmates. However, his growing uncertainty as to Sabine's true nature and the changes her presence in his life has brought to him develops into fear and he ends up rejecting her offer for him to come see her in person. He comes to the conclusion that Sabine is a figment of his imagination, created from his own loneliness. It appears to be true until another postcard arrives from Sabine with an ominous promise that if he will not come to her, she will go to him.

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