Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is the 1st time reunion for 5 science 1. Punitha is the creator for the event. Even during the day of event not to many come, but i think all of us enjoy. Coz everyone laughing, sharing, drinking, talking, imagine and everythings happen done together. For me i was a 5 science II, gee and apiz asking me for me coming, so tengs to gee and apiz, because i can see ngooi wen yi and lim loo peng. Even loo peng in relation with low chee wah, but she still nice to me. wtf. i don't want to disturb anyone girlfriends. ahaha. last day, i also saw ah yi (know as wong chong yie) with his bf, wts and she too nice to me also. I felt my heart beaten fast and my mind had a bad imagination. Amaigaddd...

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