Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back To Future

Seronok layan movie lama nih, aku pernah tgk cite ni masa kecik-kecik dulu zaman tora dan deng dang. (hahaha) Bila tgk citer nih teringat iklan dunhill, yg masa tu guna theme mutu,gaya&keunggulan. So review untuk cerita ni , aku rasa memang best kalau menonton dengan kawan-kawan or family. Filem yang berfiksyen saintifik, yela kenderaan yang boleh merentas masa. Kalau ada kenderaan macam movie ni, aku rasa aku dapat cover semua mistake yang aku pernah buat dulu. Jadi untuk future nanti tak jadi masalah, semuanya dalam keadaan baik dan harmoni.


Marty McFly is a teenager living in Hill Valley, California. He is the son of the stuttery George McFly, who is constantly bullied by his supervisor Biff Tannen, and the dowdy Lorraine Baines McFly. On the morning of October 25, 1985, his eccentric friend, scientist Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, calls him, asking to meet at 1:15 AM the following morning at Twin Pines Mall. After school Marty and his band audition to perform at the school dance, but are rejected for being "too darn loud." Though Marty's confidence is shaken by this, as well as by the school principal's conviction that both he and his father are slackers and that "no McFly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley," Marty's girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, eggs him on and encourages him to pursue his dream of being a rock musician. At dinner that night, Lorraine recounts how she first met George when her father hit him with his car as George was "bird-watching".

That night, Marty meets Doc as planned in the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. Doc reveals a DeLorean DMC-12 which he has modified into a time machine, with a plutonium-fueled nuclear reactor generating the required 1.21 gigawatts of power. As Marty videotapes, Doc explains that the car travels to a programmed date and time upon reaching 88 miles per hour. Demonstrating how to program the machine, Doc enters in November 5, 1955 as the target date, explaining that it was the day he conceived the idea of the flux capacitor, the device which "makes time travel possible." Before Doc can depart for his planned trip twenty five years into the future, the Libyan terrorists from whom he stole the plutonium arrive in a Volkswagen Bus and shoot him. Marty drives away in the DeLorean, with the time machine activated and the Libyans in pursuit. In mid-chase, the DeLorean hits 88 miles per hour and is transported back in time to 1955.

Marty hides the inoperative DeLorean and makes his way into the Hill Valley of 1955. Marty runs into his father George, then a teenager, and discovers him to be a peeping tom instead of a birdwatcher. As George is about to be hit by a car, Marty pushes him out of the way and takes the impact. The car turns out to be driven by Lorraine's father, resulting in Lorraine becoming infatuated with Marty instead of George. Marty is disturbed by her aggressive flirtations, and he flees from her home to find Doc Brown.

Using a camcorder, Marty shows Doc the recording of the 1985 experiment. Doc is aghast at the time machine's power requirements, telling Marty that the only possible source of that much power in 1955 is a bolt of lightning. Marty remembers that lightning will strike the courthouse tower the following Saturday at exactly 10:04 PM. As a result, Doc begins planning how to harness the bolt's power. Doc also deduces that Marty, by saving his father from the accident, has prevented his parents from meeting. He instructs Marty to set things right or else he, along with his siblings, will never exist.

Marty eventually creates a plan to have George appear to rescue Lorraine from Marty's overt sexual advances on the night of the school dance. However, the plan goes awry when Lorraine does not seem to mind Marty's advances. A drunken Biff, then the school bully, shows up unexpectedly, pulls Marty from the car and forces himself on Lorraine. As planned, George arrives to rescue Lorraine, but is shocked to find Biff instead of Marty. George, hearing Lorraine's pleas for help, refuses Biff's order to walk away and tries to fight him instead. Biff easily subjugates George, but when Biff shoves Lorraine, George finally stands up for himself and punches Biff across the face, knocking him out cold. A smitten Lorraine follows George to the dance floor, where they finally kiss for the first time, affirming Marty's future during a song played by Marty himself.

Meanwhile, Doc connects a lightning rod from the courthouse tower to a power line rigged between two streetlights. The DeLorean, equipped with a modified trolley pole, is planned to hit the line when the lightning bolt strikes to receive enough power to activate the flux capacitor for one time travel. Marty writes Doc a letter to warn Doc of his murder in 1985, but Doc indignantly tears up the letter without reading it, describing the dangers of altering the future. Doc's scheme is successful, and Marty returns to 1985 though he arrives too late to stop Doc from being shot. Marty can only witness his younger self travel back to 1955 and the pursuing Libyans' demise after their van crashes into a photo developing clinic. As Marty mourns Doc, Doc revives and opens his radiation suit to reveal a bulletproof vest. Doc confesses that he ignored his own warnings and taped the letter back together.

That morning, Marty awakens to find his home and family significantly improved. Lorraine is physically fit and is no longer prudish, George has become a self-confident and successful science fiction novelist, his sister Linda has overcome her difficulties with boyfriends, his brother Dave is now employed in a better office setting, and Biff has become an auto-detailer now friends with (or at least afraid of) George. Just as Jennifer and Marty reunite, Doc arrives, insisting frantically that they must accompany him to defuse a problem concerning their future children. Once they enter the DeLorean, it converts into a hovercar and blasts into the future.

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