Monday, January 4, 2010

Faiiz Ramli : moving to Bukit Jalil

Jumaat is the last day, after that maybe not like the others day. He's moving to Bukit Jalil stay with parent, he's moving cause followed his father work. Now Mr.Ramli be a lecturer at OUM i think, i didn't remember. So Faiiz moving give a big impact to us, where we are hard to get crazy and more crazy when he's not around,beside that we don't have transport anymore. wakaka. Last day we enjoy togehter is at The Curve, Damansara. We going there to find LCD screen for his pc and i wanted 8gb pendrive for my mother. That day 31 Disember 2009. So 2010 comes and one of my friends moving to another place but not far from tg.malim. I don't know what else to write down so..that all. he's not going to die, but when he moving, i don't know how to tell about the feeling that time.

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