Thursday, June 18, 2009

what i feel inside: nik ahmad faiz

now i knew that i must forget about her,
even i still don't want, my brain,my heart
always in her..but, i must realize that
this is life, so even it is hard, but we learn
from the hard and we must be brave. So..
i knew she don't have any feeling at me,
she also don't care about me anymore, but
i still have my family and friends so i must
work harder to love them!(i miss them)
unisel is a part of best challenge, i got a friends
i know little about the world, sharing experience
and others. I want meet her, but she refuse, so
i start think, she throw me away...what should
i do??hahaha..i really don't understand. I can't be
friends because i know i can't! she juz hate me and
don't know what i feel.. so must go away..

selamat tinggal nurfarahin,
selamat tinggal strawberri,
selamat tinggal the memories,
i will miss everythings...
this is what i learn from my love.

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